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TextBoard is a simple program that stores RTF (Word Doc) files for easy copy/paste retrieval. You would select an RTF file name and manually copy (or use Auto Copy) to place the content on the Windows clipboard. Then you would manually paste (or drag-n-drop) the content into an application. Great for programmers and office workers who want a means of keeping track of their most used text and paste them quickly into a document.

Main Features

• Rollup application (stays on top)
• Resizable window
• Save application settings automatically
• Adjustable splitter bar
• Open / Print RTF Files directly
• Minimize window
• New, Save, Save As, Delete files
• Basic RTF functions
• Paste (or load from external rtf file) Images into editor
• Drag-n-Drop text into most applications
• Lock Editor to safeguard content

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• Windows XP and up-to Windows 10

DOWNLOAD FREEWARE (Version 3.0 - Build 51)

Download Setup.exe (1.08 MB - compressed)
Download ZIP (no Setup.exe) 1.10 MB - uncompressed

NOTE: This application contains NO ADWARE, NO VIRUS', NO MALWARE of any kind!!


May be used for personal or commercial use. CANNOT BE sold or mass-distributed on any media to be sold or downloaded by itself. Royalty FREE distribution embedded into your project or scene. MORE ABOUT TERMS OF USE...


NOTE: We have re-launched TextBoard and have completely rewritten it. The program was originally developed in Visual Basic 6 and since the VB6 platform was discontinued way back in 2006, we stopped making it available and stopped developing it further. However, since our adaptation to Lazarus (Pascal language) we are now making it available again. Hope you like the new version of TextBoard!

12-11-17 (3.0 - Build 53)
• UPDATED: Replaced all buttons with clearer images.

7-18-17 (3.0 - Build 51)
• FIXED: Bug in 'New File' popup menu

7-7-17 (3.0 - Build 50)
• NEW: Completely re-written using Lazarus (Free Pascal)
• NEW: Completely standalone - NO Runtimes
• NEW: Import or Paste Images into rft editor window
• NEW: Bullets List
• UPDATED/NEW: Open or Print RTF Files
• UNCHANGED: Auto Copy and Lock
• UNCHANGED: Rollup window / Always Stay on Top
• UNCHANGED: Save application settings automatically
• UNCHANGED: Custom colors and styles for font attributes
• UNCHANGED: Create, Delete and Save RTF Files
• UNCHANGED: Resizable Splitter Windows
• REMOVED: TXT Tab (editor)

6-18-06 (2.8 - Build 45)
• UPDATE: THIS IS FINAL RELEASE because of VB6 discontinuation
• FIXED: Fix a couple bugs

3-28-06 (2.5 - Build 30)
• NEW: Open or Print RTF/TXT Files
• NEW: Save application settings automatically
• FIXED: Auto Copy and Lock

12-15-05 (2.0 - Build 22)
• NEW: Auto Copy and Lock
• FIXED: Custom colors and styles for font attributes
• FIXED: Create, Delete and Save RTF Files

7-14-05 (1.5 - Build 15)
• NEW: TXT Tab (editor)
• NEW: Drag-n-Drop of copied text
• FIXED: Resizable Splitter Windows

11-30-05 (1.0 - Build 5)
• First Initial Release


• Add Number List font alignment
• On/Off Wordwrap on bottom editor
• Custom folder directories


• None known at this time