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Font Viewer is a simple program to view TrueType and OpenType fonts on your computer. This program was made for people who design things and would like to see what a particular piece of text would look like in many font styles. By opening or pasting a photo into the program, you can use Font Viewer to easily look for a font that matches your image without having to have two separate programs open and switching back and forth. It is very easy to use.


NEW! Open & Save Project Setting Files
NEW! Reset Default Settings Option
• Save Customized Text Characters in Dropdown List
• Save Opened/Pasted Images As Image Files
• Insert Pangrams (4 versions) into Text Box
• Change Font sizes on Font List
• Change colors of fonts, hightlights and background
• View your own custom text in all font styles
• Save application settings (font settings, window settings) automatically
• Preview and Export a Font to RTF File
• Resizable Splitter Windows
• Ascii Key Code’s and Insert Key Codes
• Cut, Copy & Paste Images into Image window

View Font Viewer Help Page (more screenshots)


• Windows XP and up-to Windows 10

DOWNLOAD FREEWARE (Version 2.6 - Build 21)

Download Setup.exe (1.24 MB - compressed)
Download ZIP (no Setup.exe) 1.50 MB - uncompressed

NOTE: This application contains NO ADWARE, NO VIRUS', NO MALWARE of any kind!!


May be used for personal or commercial use. CANNOT BE sold or mass-distributed on any media to be sold or downloaded by itself. Royalty FREE distribution embedded into your project or scene. MORE ABOUT TERMS OF USE...


NOTE: As of version 2.0, Font Viewer was completely rewriten. If you have version 1.5, you will need to uninstall the entire application and re-install.

12-20-17 (2.6 - Build 21)
• UPDATED: Replaced program icon with new icon

11-30-17 (2.6 - Build 20)
• NEW: Open & Save Project Setting Files
• NEW: Reset Default Settings Option
• FIXED: A few minor bugs

7-18-17 (2.3 - Build 16)
• NEW: Save Customized Text Characters using settings window
• NEW: Save Opened/Pasted Images As Image Files
• NEW: Insert Pangrams (4 versions) into Text Box (located on menu)
• UPDATED/NEW: Replace text box with text/dropdown list (custom text list)
• UPDATED: Moved Hotkey F2 to 'Custom Text Characters' setting menu.

7-1-17 (2.0 - Build 12)
• NEW: Completely re-written using Lazarus (Free Pascal)
• NEW: Completely standalone - NO Runtimes
• NEW: Custom colors for font, highlight and background
• UPDATED: Custom colors for font, highlight and background
• UPDATED/NEW: Custom sample text to view as font styles
• UPDATED/NEW: Import, Cut, Copy and Paste Images into image window
• UPDATED/NEW: Moved basic RTF Preview/Export to it's own window
• UNCHANGED: Change font size up to 200 pts
• UNCHANGED: Resizable Splitter Windows
• UNCHANGED: Ascii Key Code’s and Insert Key Codes
• REMOVED: Some RTF functions
• REMOVED: (for now) View Text in Regular, Italic, Bold

4-22-17 (1.5 - Build 8)
• FIXED: Website Page link in software

2-12-17 (1.5 - Build 7)
• ADDED: Save Preview Text/Images As an RTF File; Add button and menu function
• FIXED: Tooltip descriptions on 3 buttons
• UPDATED: Online Help Page

8-6-16 (1.4 - Build 6)
• REMOVED: Simple 6-color font color palette.
• ADDED: Color selector to change color of selected or 'all' text.
• ADDED: Color selector to change color of background of editor
• ADDED: Button to apply color to all text.
• ADDED: Edit menu to Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All
• CHANGED: Removed simple Help screen and replaced it with an online help version.
• UPDATED: You can Copy/Paste images into editor.

8-5-16 (1.2 - Build 4)
• TOTAL RE-WRITE: Because the WinForms API/GDI+ cannot render OpenType fonts, we had to re-write (convert) the entire application to WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) framework.
• FIXED-ADDED: Font List now shows OpenType fonts. Plus, it is much quicker with no flicker or stalls when loading fonts.
• REMOVED: Removed the "Refresh" Font List function because the Font List is now fixed.
• CHANGED: Updated the R, I, B buttons to have a page border
• CHANGED: We also swapped out the plain text edior for a RichText editor. This will allow colors and copy/paste into Word.
• NEW: Added a simple function to set the color of the Preview Text. This will be upgraded once we build a better color function with more color options.
• NEW: You can Copy/Paste selected text into RTF (RichText Format) using the actual font style and color.

7-29-16 (1.0 - Build 3)
• First Initial Release


• Choice of program theme colors (light or dark)
• Be Able To Sort By Category
• Opening & Printing Font files
• Install/Uninstall Fonts


• None known at this time