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Font Viewer is a simple program to view TrueType and OpenType fonts on your computer. This program was made for people who design things and would like to see what a particular piece of text would look like in many font styles. By opening or pasting a photo into the program, you can use Font Viewer to easily look for a font that matches your image without having to have two separate programs open and switching back and forth. It is very easy to use.


NEW! Save Customized Text Characters in Dropdown List
NEW! Save Opened/Pasted Images As Image Files
NEW! Insert Pangrams (4 versions) into Text Box
• Change Font sizes on Font List
• Change colors of fonts, hightlights and background
• View your own custom text in all font styles
• Save application settings (font settings, window settings) automatically
• Preview and Export a Font to RTF File
• Resizable Splitter Windows
• Ascii Key Code’s and Insert Key Codes
• Cut, Copy & Paste Images into Image window

View Font Viewer Help Page (more screenshots)


• Windows XP and up-to Windows 10

DOWNLOAD FREEWARE (Version 2.3 - Build 16)

Download Setup.exe (1.24 MB - compressed)
Download ZIP (no Setup.exe) 1.50 MB - uncompressed

NOTE: This application contains NO ADWARE, NO VIRUS', NO MALWARE of any kind!!


May be used for personal or commercial use. CANNOT BE sold or mass-distributed on any media to be sold or downloaded by itself. Royalty FREE distribution embedded into your project or scene. MORE ABOUT TERMS OF USE...


NOTE: Because of Font Viewer's complete rewriting... some RTF functions have been stripped away in this new version. For us to have gotten the RTF and resizable images working properly we would pretty much be rebuilding a word processor... which is not what we want. If you want those features in an RTF type program, then just use MS Word; it has all the functions I was trying to implement. Hope you like the simpler version of Font Viewer!

7-18-17 (2.3 - Build 16)
• NEW: Save Customized Text Characters using settings window
• NEW: Save Opened/Pasted Images As Image Files
• NEW: Insert Pangrams (4 versions) into Text Box (located on menu)
• UPDATED/NEW: Replace text box with text/dropdown list (custom text list)
• UPDATED: Moved Hotkey F2 to 'Custom Text Characters' setting menu.

7-1-17 (2.0 - Build 12)
• NEW: Completely re-written using Lazarus (Free Pascal)
• NEW: Completely standalone - NO Runtimes
• NEW: Custom colors for font, highlight and background
• UPDATED: Custom colors for font, highlight and background
• UPDATED/NEW: Custom sample text to view as font styles
• UPDATED/NEW: Import, Cut, Copy and Paste Images into image window
• UPDATED/NEW: Moved basic RTF Preview/Export to it's own window
• UNCHANGED: Change font size up to 200 pts
• UNCHANGED: Resizable Splitter Windows
• UNCHANGED: Ascii Key Code’s and Insert Key Codes
• REMOVED: Some RTF functions
• REMOVED: (for now) View Text in Regular, Italic, Bold

4-22-17 (1.5 - Build 8)
• FIXED: Website Page link in software

2-12-17 (1.5 - Build 7)
• ADDED: Save Preview Text/Images As an RTF File; Add button and menu function
• FIXED: Tooltip descriptions on 3 buttons
• UPDATED: Online Help Page

8-6-16 (1.4 - Build 6)
• REMOVED: Simple 6-color font color palette.
• ADDED: Color selector to change color of selected or 'all' text.
• ADDED: Color selector to change color of background of editor
• ADDED: Button to apply color to all text.
• ADDED: Edit menu to Undo, Redo, Cut, Copy, Paste, Select All
• CHANGED: Removed simple Help screen and replaced it with an online help version.
• UPDATED: You can Copy/Paste images into editor.

8-5-16 (1.2 - Build 4)
• TOTAL RE-WRITE: Because the WinForms API/GDI+ cannot render OpenType fonts, we had to re-write (convert) the entire application to WPF (Windows Presentation Foundation) framework.
• FIXED-ADDED: Font List now shows OpenType fonts. Plus, it is much quicker with no flicker or stalls when loading fonts.
• REMOVED: Removed the "Refresh" Font List function because the Font List is now fixed.
• CHANGED: Updated the R, I, B buttons to have a page border
• CHANGED: We also swapped out the plain text edior for a RichText editor. This will allow colors and copy/paste into Word.
• NEW: Added a simple function to set the color of the Preview Text. This will be upgraded once we build a better color function with more color options.
• NEW: You can Copy/Paste selected text into RTF (RichText Format) using the actual font style and color.

7-29-16 (1.0 - Build 3)
• First Initial Release


• Save font, custom text and colors as project files for later use
• Choice of program theme colors (light or dark)
• Be Able To Sort By Category
• Opening & Printing Font files
• Install/Uninstall Fonts


• None known at this time