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About Technipixel

TechniPixel Solutions first began in 2005 as a freeware web site called "Our Web Zone" that offered free downloads of software, graphics, flash and 3d content. In late November 2007 we launched our part time business under the name of TechniPixel Solutions in hopes of beginning a web, graphic and multimedia business. TechniPixel Solutions is owned and operated by Frank Hilton of Sabattus Maine.

On January 14, 2017, we separated the graphics, multimeda and web design away from the Technipixel website and created a new site for our business... Pixel•Ink Media.

This site (Technipixel) will go back to being a software, source code and download website for computer technology related content.

About Our Name

"TechniPixel" emphasizes that our services are geared towards digital technology. "Techni" is short for technical. "Pixel" is the little small bytes of quares in digital format. You pronounce our name Tech-ni-pix-el, as in technical pixel.