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News Updates

2-19-17 - Re-Designed Website
Since we separated our graphic and website design media away from our TechniPixel site, we have redesigned this website to be more in-line with the development of source code, software and weblications. However, for a while we are going to keep our Pixelink logo on the home page so that our clients get used to the name change.

1-14-17 - New Media Site
We have separated our graphics, marketing, multimedia and web design services away from the TechniPixel website and name. Our main design business is now called Pixel•Ink Media. We have create a new website for the sole purpose of our design services, including our email being changed.


What Is New?

7-13-17 - Lyrics Editor
Create and edit Html (*lyr), Chord Pro (*.cho), Onsong (*.onsong) and Text (*.txt) lyric formats.

Lyrics Editor

7-7-17 - TextBoard
After 10 years of absence, we have brought back TextBoard. Store, copy and paste your most used rtf/txt snippets.


Latest Product Update

7-18-17 - Font Viewer
We have added 3 new functions to the application; Save Images As another file; Save Custom Text Charatcers; Insert Pangrams (4 versions) into text box/dropdown list. Font Viewer is a simple program to view fonts in any OpenFont or True Type Font. Adjust custom colors for fonts, highlight and background. You can also load (or paste) images into a separate window for viewing or saving image as another name.

Font Viewer